Blood Circulatory Massager By Tiens

Model Number: S – 780
Product Weight: 13 kg
Shipping Weight: 14.5 kg
Surface Size of Carton: 4441.530.5 cm


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  • CAN EFFECTIVELY HELP TO ELEVATE FATIGUE, Support The Endocrine Functions And Maintain Balance. By Stimulating The Huiyin Point (Between The Genitals And The Anus) It Can Increase The Amount Of Blood Flow In The Reproductive Organs And Regulate Secretion Of Hormones.

  • MAY HELP TO PROMOTE BLOOD CIRCULATION, SUPPORTS INTERNAL ORGANS FUNCTIONING: Enhance The Oxygen Capacity In The Bloodstream Thus Improving Skin Condition And Helping To Keep Young Look For Longer.

  • MAY HELP TO ACCELERATE THE DECOMPOSITION OF FAT TISSUE. As Long As You Keep Healthy Diet And Use The Massager, It May Help You Lose Weight And Be More Fit.

  • INTEGRATES ACUPUNCTURE, STIMULATION OF KEY BODY POINTS AND MASSAGE OF REFLEX AREAS IN PALMS AND FEET: Feet And Palms Are Full Of Reflex Areas. By Stimulating Them We Can Increase The Speed Of Blood Flow Circulation. After 15 Minutes Of Palm Massage The Speed Of Blood Flow Can Be Doubled. Therefore If You Have Your Feet And Palms Massaged With TIENS Blood Circulation Massager The Blood And Qi Circulation Will Be Improved.

  • KEEPS BODY CHANNELS CLEAR AND ACTIVATED: Feet, Hands, Ears And Nose Are The Epitomes Of The Entire Body. Our Feet Possess Dense Nerve Networks, Acute Senses And Intense Information Transmission Tracts. There Are Three Feet Yin Channels And Three Feet Yang Channels. Feet Are The Starting Point Of Three Feet Yin Channels (Spleen Meridian, Liver Meridian And Kidney Meridian) And The End Point Of Three Feet Yang Channels (Stomach Meridian, Gallbladder Meridian And Bladder Meridian).

The benefits of TIENS Blood Circulation Massager:

  • Integrates acupuncture, stimulation of key body points and massage of reflex areas in palms and feet.

  • Supports internal organs functioning

  • Can promote blood circulation, restore elasticity of blood vessels and promote expelling of toxins and waste.

  • May help to promote blood circulation, enhance the oxygen capacity in the bloodstream thus improving skin condition and helping to keep young look for longer.

  • May help to accelerate the decomposition of fat tissue. As long as you keep healthy diet and use the massager, it may help you lose weight and be more fit.

  • Can effectively help to elevate fatigue, support the endocrine functions and maintain balance. By stimulating the Huiyin Point (between the genitals and the anus) it can increase the amount of blood flow in the reproductive organs and regulate secretion of hormones.

  • Keeps body channels clear and activated

  • Support for the body’s defense system


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